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My Work

Defever Law

Kathleen has run her own firm since 2013, assisting people with disability, fire, and flood claims against their insurance companies.

She is currently winding down her law practice so she can focus on her public service full-time.

Writing & Documentation

Kathleen started a blog called MisInsured in 2013, to assist insurance consumers. She has been published in prestigious legal journals and wrote a chapter for an upcoming book about Insurance Law in the EU. She has also written for Physician’s Practice (about disabilities) and

Her next projects are two books, one about insurance and investing, and the other about economics, ethics, and sociology.

Public Service

Besides co-founding the wildly successful Servino’s Opera Night in 2009, Kathleen has served on the Tiburon Planning Commission for two years, and was elected Vice-Chair.

While on Town Council, Kathleen will promote downtown revitalization, fire prevention and emergency preparedness, and the preservation of Tiburon’s beautiful, world-class open spaces and village-like character.

Kathleen also educates Europeans about American Insurance Law – with the aim to improve the dialogue between the EU and US, and to improve both systems.

About Me

Kathleen grew up on a beautiful farm in Michigan. She adores nature, and learned a true sense of honesty and community from her humble, small-town MidWestern roots.

Kathleen loves working with people and has a brilliant track record of truly listening to people, caring about their needs, and finding solutions in high-conflict environments. She has always advocated for individuals – not corporations – and has never failed to reach a solution which is fair and agreeable to all parties.

Kathleen began her law career defending federal criminals with the prestigious Federal Criminal Defender’s Office in Chicago, Illinois. From there she shifted to a nationwide practice in Plaintiff’s Insurance Litigation, helping both the disabled and those who lost their homes to fires and floods. She now dedicates her expertise to scholarly works advocating for better insurance consumer rights around the world, as well as serving on the Town of Tiburon Planning Commission.

Kathleen loves to read about history, sociology, psychology, and economics – and is working on an exciting book which combines these passions. She also loves the opera, great wines, track & field, French and Italian food, and learning new languages. So far she is proficient in French and Spanish – with Italian, Dutch, and Bahasa Indonesia next on her list.

Achievements and Memberships

Town of Tiburon – Planning Commission 2 years

University of Connecticut School of Law Masters of Insurance Law
Member of Tiburon-Belvedere Rotary
DePaul University Bachelors of Arts, International Studies

DePaul University College of Law Juris Doctorate, International Law
Michigan State University, three years of undergraduate studies –
Member of Division I Track & Field Team
Association Internacional des Droits Assurances – International Association of Insurance Law
California Bar Association


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1550 G Tiburon Boulevard
Tiburon, CA 94920

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